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Major Historical Events in the Pharmacy Arena of University of Dhaka


The origin of Pharmacy education in Bangladesh is entwined with the advent of pharmacy education in Dhaka University. Prior to 1964, in the pre-liberated Bangladesh, there was no educational institution to impart education in the field of Pharmacy even though the need was widely recognized. Dr. A. Jabbar (now Professor Emeritus) of Dhaka University, who is regarded as the pioneer of pharmacy education in Bangladesh, worked actively towards building the foundation of Pharmacy education in Bangladesh. After completing his fellowship in San-Francisco School of Pharmacy, USA in 1961, Dr. A. Jabbar initiated the process for setting up a platform for pharmacy in Bangladesh. After an approval from the University administration and Planning Commission, all efforts to set up a Department of Pharmacy was underway and so, finally, on 1st July 1964, the Department of Pharmacy started its journey. A 3-year Bachelor in Pharmacy course was offered initially to the 24 students who enrolled in. However, later on, complying with the demands of the students, this was changed to B. Pharm. (Hons.) degree. The course syllabus was designed in accordance with that of London School of Pharmacy. In 1969, 1-year Masters in Pharmacy (M. Pharm.) course was initiated and the department started offering the M. Pharm. course to all the graduate students under 2 groups: Thesis and Non-Thesis. Recognizing the fact that Pharmacy was a health profession and a multidisciplinary subject, the Department of Pharmacy was elevated to a full-fledged faculty. Professor Dr. Nurun Nahar Rahman was appointed as the first Acting Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Taking note of the tremendous developments in the pharmacy profession, the 3-year B. Pharm. (Hons.) program was upgraded to the 4 year B. Pharm. (Hons.) program with a panoptic change in the curriculum. In 2003, three separate departments under the Faculty of Pharmacy for specialization and effective management of the courses at postgraduate level were established. The departments are:


(i)   Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

(ii)  Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology (now  

      Department of Pharmaceutical Technology)

(iii) Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology.


On 25 August 2010, following an evaluation of the proposal sent by the Academic Committee of Faculty of Pharmacy, the Academic Council of University of Dhaka approved a 5-year B. Pharm. (Hons.) program from the academic session 2010-11 onwards.